Modern Access Control Systems in Finance and Banking

The world’s most respected financial and banking institutions successfully hold, grow, and exchange two primary commodities.


The first, of course, is money. Every day, they receive, invest, and transfer billions of dollars, providing the framework of the modern global economy.


The second is no less integral to international economics and its value is hard to overstate. And, like money, it’s hard to earn and easy to lose.


It’s trust.


Protecting Trust with Advanced Electronic Security


In finance, a single security breach or loss of confidential information could devastatingly impact the trust built over the years with customers, investors, businesses, and governments.


However, the nature of financial institutions requires constant interactions between internal and external parties, and each interaction creates a security risk. These interactions are often digital, and companies make huge investments in cyber security to ensure any potential risks or attempted attacks are immediately identified and combatted. However, physical attacks or security breaches remain highly dangerous and are more complex than ever in a world that is becoming accustomed to hybrid working, hot desking, and international travel.


Fortunately, technological innovations are helping businesses meet the challenge. Cutting-edge access control systems, for example, marry intuitive convenience with rock-solid security to create seamless yet secure environments. They serve a dual purpose: preventing unauthorised entry into restricted areas while enabling authorised personnel to navigate the premises easily.


In the past, businesses relied on physical keys, guards, and sign-in sheets—”systems fraught with vulnerabilities. Lost keys could be replicated, and sign-in sheets depended on vigilant security staff maintaining accuracy. The game-changer came with the introduction of electronic access control systems, which replaced keys with cards, fobs, and codes. That technology has served businesses well, but today’s access control systems are being shaped by two revolutionary advancements: biometrics and mobile credentials.


Biometrics: The Personalised Key


Biometric technology has revolutionised the way we think about security by turning individuals themselves into access keys. Fingerprint recognition, facial mapping, and even retina scans ensure only authorised personnel can enter sensitive areas, and access cannot be transferred by loaning a card or misplacing a fob.


Biometrics provide unprecedented peace of mind to fast-paced businesses with high footfall through their buildings, but the benefits aren’t limited to security alone. Biometric systems also quicken entry processes, requiring only a hand gesture or a walk through a gate, which reduces queues and minimises frustration. They’re ingeniously intuitive, allowing free movement without compromising on safety—crucial in environments where time is money.


Mobile Credentials: Unparalleled Convenience and Intuitive Design


Likewise, mobile credentials are revolutionising access control by utilising a device that every professional carries—their smartphone. Employing the in-built biometric controls of Apple and Google wallets, mobile credentials elevate the user experience for professionals already accustomed to using their devices to tap and pay, and the convenience extends to security managers, who can instantly assign, modify, and revoke permissions without the need for the owner to be present or a new card to be commissioned.


This functionality reduces plastic waste and improves sustainability, while the contactless nature of mobile credentials is, importantly, far more hygienic than previous access control methods.


Increasing Security Without Sacrificing Speed


Businesses in the financial sector can’t afford bottlenecks at entry points or compromise security for speed. Advanced access control systems provide a solution to this problem. They facilitate fast and seamless security processes and improve the user experience of company staff, authorised contractors, and invited guests.


Modern access control systems shatter the assumption that enhanced security must be synonymous with complexity and inconvenience. They empower users, protect premises, and safeguard the reputation of businesses that can’t afford to risk it. Most importantly, they reduce any possibility of a malicious attacker entering unauthorised areas, compromising confidential data, and breaking the trust that financial institutions rely on.


People Trust Their First Impression, So Impress Them From The First Touchpoint


As well as protecting their customers’ trust (and money), financial institutions must champion innovation and seek to reduce the friction associated with doing business in a high-stakes industry.
Access control systems employing biometric technology and mobile credentials reinforce the positive first impression guests and staff members have of forward-thinking businesses that remain highly security conscious.


As the first physical touchpoint of a financial brand, the choice of access control system can project an image of a company at the forefront of the technical curve while simultaneously assuring customers and stakeholders that it’s safe and secure against any potential threats.


Frontline Security Solutions: Access Control Experts You Can Trust


Integrating biometric and mobile credential technologies into access control systems enhances protection without impeding the flow of authorised traffic. But there are many technologies to choose from, and integrating them with your CCTV, intruder alarm, and intercom systems requires experience and expertise. The best access control system in the world won’t provide the protection you need if you don’t have a security partner who can effectively install, configure, optimise and maintain it.


Frontline Security Solutions is the outstanding choice for electronic security systems incorporating access control systems in high-footfall office buildings where financial institutions do business. We’ve been protecting clients in the financial industry for over twenty years, and thanks to our relationship with the world’s leading technology manufacturers, we’ve always remained on the cutting edge of security innovation. When it comes to access control systems featuring biometric assets and mobile credentials, our designers, project managers, and engineers have unmatched experience and expertise.


If you have a new site that requires a comprehensive security solution, a refurbishment project that demands upgraded security equipment, or need a service and maintenance provider that can keep your systems optimised and operational at all times, get in touch today: [email protected]